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Computer Technology Outsourcer

D.O.I-Net provides Embedded System Design Support, Network Consultation and Translation Services.
Please feel free to contact us.

In addition, D.O.I-Net offers solutions to meet your needs in the fields of corporate and personal security.
To make it possible for end users to use the computer with confidence, we are contributing to society through the development of authentication technologies such as fingerprints, biometrics, smartcards etc., as well as the provision of implementation.

Data Loss Prevention Software Product Line

TruGate TruMonitor TruPass
TruGate Windows logon module with authentication framework TruMonitor USB device / Unauthorized removable device detection and management software TruPass Keyboard / mouse operation Auto Play application
TruCSP TruGate Manager TruLog Service
TruCSP Authentication function with cryptographic service provider TruGate Manager Trusted Stackware series product management utility TruLog Service Free log service for Trusted Stackware series
Plug-in Plug-in TruSuite
Flash Plug-in USB Flash Memory Plug-in for TruGate PC/SC Plug-in LE TruGate Smartcard Plug-in Light Edition TruSuite Trusted Stackware suite package

News & Press Release

TruStack Series ver.5.0.10 released - 2024/2/16
TruStack Series Products have been upgraded to ver.5.0.10, and support Windows 11 and Windows Server 2019, 2022.
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TruGate ver. released - 2016/4/23
TruGate Bug Fix. If you already installed ver.5.0.4, please uninstall it before installing the new version.
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TruStack Series ver.5.0.4 released - 2015/7/30
Supports Windows 10. Also fixed character issues. If you are using other languages than Japanese on Japanese OS with the multilanguage pack installed, please install with language option as shown below.
setup.exe /l"1033"
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TruStack Series ver. released - 2015/6/7
TruGate and TruGate Manager Bug Fix. Also some improvements have been made on TruLog Service and related products. If you already installed ver.5.0.3, please uninstall it before installing the new version.
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TruStack Series ver.5.0.3 released - 2014/12/19
TruStack Series Products have supported English.
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TruStack Series ver.5.0.2 released - 2013/6/12
TruStack Series Products have been upgraded to ver.5.0.2, and support Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
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TruGate Smartcard Plug-in released - 2013/6/12
In response to your requests, Smartcard Plug-in for TruGate has been released. You can use your FeliCa, Driver’s License Card and many other kinds of smartcards as an authentication device.
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TruSuite volume license released - 2012/6/14
The volume license edition for the suite package of Trusted Stackware has been released. Please try it!
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TruSuite released - 2012/5/10
The suite package of Trusted Stackware has been released. It is a very cost effective package, allowing you to use all TruStack products with just 1 license.
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