To Distributors

The distributor enters into a sales contract with the end users, and sells a product under their own responsibility (profit and loss and risk). The distributor enters into an individual sales contract of the product with us based on the distributor contract, and sells the product which he has purchased to an end user as a contractant. The price margin may be set freely by the distributor.
In this way the product business with us, so-called; "sell it out, and buy it up" is relative business, and the profit and loss to occur thereby belongs entirely to the distributor.

  • Costs of collecting products sold
    • The distributor bears it all.

  • Restriction of Products
    • Unspecified.

  • Amount of Minimum Sale (Selling Quota)
    • Unspecified.

  • Minimum Stock Units (Minimum Order)
    • Unspecified.

  • Wholesale Rate
    • Wholesale rate depends on the order quantity.

    • Qty 1 ~ 5 : 75%
      Qty 6 ~ 10 : 70%
      Qty 11 ~ 100 : 60%
      Qty 101 ~ 500 : 50%
      Qty 501 ~ : 45%
      Note: rate shows against the list price.

  • Distributor Contract
  • Stocking of Products
  • Technical Support
    • D.O.I-Net will take care of it. Please encourage your end users to register for our technical support.