TruLog Service - Free log service for Trusted Stackware series

TruLog Service is a Trusted Stackware series product that enhances PC security. It is launched as an OS service, and stores the authentication results and security events in the local log. If you install TruLog Service to a client PC and server PC, you can transfer the log of the client PC to the server PC.

Main Functions
  • Keep or Transfer Logging Data
  • Easy Configuration by Wizard
  • Export and Import of configuration data
  • TruGate Log Viewer
  • TruMonitor Log Viewer
  • Create Device List for TruMonitor
Supported Authentication Framework products
  • You can acquire an authentication log by using TruGate and TruLog Service at the same time.
  • Note: The authentication log is the result of TruGate authentication and not user authentication of OS. Please refer to the OS event viewer for the results of user authentication.
Supported Security products
  • You can acquire an event log by using TruMonitor and TruLog at the same time.
Supported OSes
    Windows 10 32bit/64bit
    Windows 11
    Windows Server 2016
    Windows Server 2019
    Windows Server 2022
    * If your OS is 64 bit, please download 64 bit edition.
    For Personal Users
      - TruLog Service single license edition download (32bit/64bit edition)
    For Corporate Users
      - TruLog Service volume license edition download (32bit edition)
      - TruLog Service volume license edition download (64bit edition)
    This product is free.