Trusted Stackware Series Products List

Each product can also be downloaded from the Vector software library & PC shop in addition to our products page. You can try any of our products. We appreciate your comments very much.

The difference between a volume license and a single license

Product Name Function Details
TruGate Windows logon module with authentication framework It will provide alternate authentication for various devices to log on to Windows and applications.
TruMonitor USB device / Unauthorized removable device detection and management software This is the basic software for information leak prevention - that keeps your data in and unwanted data out.
TruPass Keyboard / mouse operation AutoPlay application Troublesome Web login and routine operations are done automatically for you.
TruCSP Authentication function with cryptographic service provider It will add authentication functions to access encryption key and certificate.
TruGate Manager Trusted Stackware series product management utility Effective and strong management tool for network administrators.
TruLog Service Free log service for Trusted Stackware series It’s also effective as a deterrent for leakage of information - and obvious tampering.
Flash Plug-in Flash Plug-in for TruGate You can enable your USB Flash Disk as an authentication device.
PC/SC Plug-in LE TruGate Smartcard Plug-in Light Edition You can use Mifare, FeliCa and similar smartcards as authentication devices.
TruSuite Trusted Stackware suite package
It is a package deal making available all Trusted Stackware series products with one license.