TruMonitor - USB device / Unauthorized removable device detection and management software

TruMonitor is a Trusted Stackware series product that enhances PC security. It is a security package to prevent information leakage. It is launched as an OS service, and it monitors the status change of USB ports and disk connections. It also takes predefined protective action such as Logoff when it detects that an inhibitive device is attached.

Main Functions
  • Easy configuration by Wizard
  • Available for Disk Devices as well as USB
  • Detection by White List and Filter
  • Selectable protective action including Detachment
  • Event Logging
  • Permits multiple devices
  • Asset Management
  • Access Control of Removable Devices
  • Administrator Authentication
  • Export and Import of configuration data
  • Please install TruLog Service if you need to view the event log data or want to forward the event log data to other PCs.
  • You can utilize TruGate for Administrator Authentication.
Supported OSes
    Windows 10 32bit/64bit
    Windows 11
    Windows Server 2016
    Windows Server 2019
    Windows Server 2022
    * If your OS is 64 bit, please download 64 bit edition.
Trial Period
    The trial period is 1 month for the single license edition, and 3 months for the volume license edition as well.
    No functional restrictions during trial.
    Please refer to the details of the product Catalogue (PDF) .
    Please refer to the User's Guide (PDF) for the program installation and operation of the product.
    For Personal Users
      - TruMonitor single license edition download (32bit/64bit edition)
    For Corporate Users
      - TruMonitor volume license edition download (32bit edition)
      - TruMonitor volume license edition download (64bit edition)