TruGate Manager - Trusted Stackware series product Management Utility

TruGate Manager is a Trusted Stackware series product that enhances PC security. TruGate Manager is a management utility. It provides the management functions to the administrator who manages Trusted Stackware series products such as TruGate, TruPass, TruCSP etc.

Main Functions
  • Delete Password for TruGate
  • Set TruGate Passwords at once
  • Register and Unregister TruGate Administrator
  • Register and Unregister WellKnownUser for TruGate
  • Edit TruPass Environment Configuration
  • Edit TruPass Journal
  • Clear certificate / private key storage of TruCSP
Installation Requirements
Operational Requirements
  • TruGate is configured and ready for use.
Supported OSes
    Windows 10 32bit/64bit
    Windows 11
    Windows Server 2016
    Windows Server 2019
    Windows Server 2022
    * If your OS is 64 bit, please download 64 bit edition.
Trial Period
    The trial period is 1 month for the single license edition, and 3 months for the volume license edition as well.
    No functional restrictions during trial.
    Please refer to the details of the product Catalogue (PDF) .
    Please refer to the User's Guide (PDF) for the program installation and operation of the product.
    For Personal Users
      - TruGate Manager single license edition download (32bit/64bit edition)
    For Corporate Users
      - TruGate Manager volume license edition download (32bit edition)
      - TruGate Manager volume license edition download (64bit edition)