TruGate - Windows Logon module with Authentication Framework

TruGate is a Trusted Stackware series product that enhances PC security. It is a security package which prevents information leakage. It works as the authentication framework of Trusted Stackware series products, and enhances user authentication during PC usage by smartcard, USB key, fingerprint etc. TruGate also works as an authentication stack. You will be able to download the API documents of DLL and ActiveX for the authentication stack after user registration.

Main Functions
  • Windows Logon Module
    You can replace passwords with device authentication.
  • Configuration Utility
    It works for the configuration of authentication devices, template enrollment, password settings, user registration management, Windows Logon Module configuration etc.
Precautions Installation Requirements
  • The TruGate Plug-in and its cooperative authentication device should be installed.
  • The authentication device should be configured and ready to use.
Operational Requirements
  • "Interactive logon: Do not require CTRL+ALT+DEL" in Security Options of Local Policies for Local Security Policy should be disabled.
  • User Password should be set.
Supported OSes
    Windows 10 32bit/64bit
    Windows 11
    Windows Server 2016
    Windows Server 2019
    Windows Server 2022
    * If your OS is 64 bit, please download the 64 bit edition.
Trial Period
    The trial period is 1 month for the single license edition, and 3 months for the volume license edition as well.
    No functional restrictions during trial.
    Please refer to the details of the product Catalogue (PDF) .
    Please refer to the User's Guide (PDF) for the program installation and operation of the product.
Support Download
    For Personal Users
      - TruGate single license edition download (32bit/64bit edition)
    For Corporate Users
      - TruGate volume license edition download (32bit edition)
      - TruGate volume license edition download (64bit edition)
      - SQL Script for TruGate Database download